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Bulgan Mountain

Tamir River
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central mongolia

This lovely peak is located near Tsetserleg, the administrative capital of Arkhangai Aimag. Bulgan Uul is located at an elevation of 1.980 meters above sea level. The 18-square-kilometer Natural Reserve has been protected by the state since 1965 in order to protect the plants, animals, and beauty of the Steppe Zone and Forest-Steppe Zone.

Bulgan Uul is made up of steep cliffs and scattered boulders for about 40% of its area. Rare plant and animal species such as Red Deer, Musk, and Wild Boar can be found on the mountain, as well as Black Grouse, Capecaillie, and Ptarmigan. Tsagaan Davaa, on the mountain’s western side, is the most well-known pass.