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After long journey you might arrive exhausted. You may as well arrive early morning or late evening. And you don’t know town and you would like to get to your hotel or guesthouse hassle free?

We will be glad to come and pick you up or drop you off at airport and train station any time.

No matter where you are in Mongolia, we can easily reach you and take wherever you want to visit.


Travelling long distance and hassle free mean mostly you cannot take many personal items you would like to have on your trips in a country like Mongolia. Yet you would like to travel in comfort?  Have personal & private touch and enjoy your trip to fullest?  We offer many options.

  • Camping and Kitchen equipment. We rent good quality tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping table, chairs, lamps, kitchen utensils and more…. All you need to camp in comfort.
  • We rent high quality mountain bikes and motorbikes with accessories.
  • We rent one or two person kayaks, canoes and inflatable boats with accessories.

short tours

You have only short time or are you transiting Mongolia. Still you would like to see best of Mongolia? This is possible. While in Ulaanbaatar we can organise guided city tour. We offer full or half day city tour.  

We have different day trips visiting highlights of Mongolia near Ulaanbaatar. Those are Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Manzushir monastery in Bogd Khan Uul National Park, Khustain Nuruu National Park with wild horses, giant bronze Genghis Khan statue and Gun-Galuut National Reserve to observe wild life.

Ulaanbaatar is fast-growing modern city with more than 1.3 million habitants.

train ticket

You are planning to travel with Trans-Mongolian train through Russia, Mongolia and China? It’s the longest train journey and takes you five and half day to cover 7,500 km. The Trans-Mongolian Railway follows an ancient tea-caravan route from China to Russia and connect three countries Russia, Mongolia and China with 23 stations that crosses Siberia, cut across Mongolia and the Gobi Desert and finishing in Beijing.

Trans-Mongolian train route begins early in the morning in Beijing. Travel through skyscrapers of downtown, seemingly endless suburbs further on to endless fields past Great Wall of China entering sparsely populated northern part of China finally entering Mongolia. Here immigration of both countries respectively come into train to check passport, visas and rail bogies (the wheels) are changed. Whole carriage is lifted in a huge warehouse to match the Russian built rail gauge of Mongolia’s railways.

When you wake up next morning you will see train crossing the vast Gobi Desert. With endless gravel plains stretching out to horizon and some occasional herd of camels or nomads beside their Gers. At stations have a first taste of Mongolia where locals sell steamed dumplings and fermented mare milk etc. As you ride further northwards, the landscapes transform into green grasslands of country’s heartland.

If you are arriving in Mongolia by train, please contact us as timetable is subject to change every year and physical tickets are only issued up to 30 days before travel date (sometimes only 14 days).

However, if you need you ticket to apply for your visa, reservation sheet can be provided especially if you are entering China from Mongolia.

The journey runs as well reverse way starting from Russia. 

We can help you buy your international train tickets departing from Ulaanbaatar to Russia and China.

Ulaanbaatar – Beijing First/Second class

Ulaanbaatar – Moscow First/Second class

Ulaanbaatar – Jining Private Cabin/ Second class

Ulaanbaatar – Irkutsk First/Second class

Ulaanbaatar – Ulan Ude First / Second class


hotel booking

Nowadays you can find all types of accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. We have from 5 stars’ luxury hotels to dormitory room in guesthouse suiting for all budget. Whatever your purpose is in Mongolia whether transiting, travelling or for business trip we can help you booking your accommodation. Please contact us for details and updated prices.

To keep things simple here is a list of liable hotels and guesthouses we work with.




guest house

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visa support

Visa a responsibility of travellers. The visa requirement depends on where you are from. Certain nationalities do not require visa such as Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israeli, Thailand etc. The duration of free visa is different from country to country. Mongolia introduced online visa application service.  CHECK ONLINE VISA.

For those who need visa it is important to check with Mongolian Embassy well in advance. Your international passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Visas can be used up for 3 months from the date issued and once you enter Mongolia you can stay 30 days. If you plan more than 30 days you can prolong your visa once in Mongolia for another 30 days.

To apply for a Mongolian visa, you need Invitation Letter from us.

Most embassies and consuls ask for following documents.

  1. A standard visa application form from the Embassy or Consulate where you will collect your visa. You can as well download online version from embassy websites.
  2. 2 colour, passport sized photos (recent photos)
  3. Payment for the visa. Check with your Embassy.
  4. Passport with empty pages and at least 6 months’ validity
  5. Mongolia letter of invitation provided by us.
  6. We also recommend bringing your vouchers as well as proof of onward travel (flight tickets entering and leaving the country) and a copy of the itinerary.

Please carefully check all the information above prior to submitting.

For citizens of countries where we don’t have Mongolian Embassy or Consulate, it is possible to have on arrival visa at airport in Ulaanbaatar. There is a strict procedure to follow. Please contact us for further details.