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there is nothing higher-class than real craftsmanship, diversity, originality and the service of skilled human hands.

karakorum lodge

We have a long and prosperous history in the industry, and we are always developing our products and services to stay ahead of the competition. We are currently building a premium eco-lodge-styled Ger camp in Karakorum. The famous Mongol empire capital, positioned at the junction of the historic silk road branch, draws both foreign and domestic visitors.

yurt production

Yurt Outside 102
We are a dedicated group of people who have been constructing yurts for many years. Our yurts are made as part of a cooperative that adheres to the philosophy of “fair income for all.” We can produce high-quality yurts with the help of a committed crew. The ger (Mongol) or yurt (Russian) is the traditional housing of the Mongols and, more broadly, the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Yurts and tipis are made to be readily built and removed so that the owner can continue on their travels. The herder is always on the go, hunting for new pastureland for his livestock.

volunteering | ngo

Our NGO team consists of passionate individuals who want to make a positive impact in Tunkhel village, Mandal soum, Selenge province, Mongolia. Tunkhel hamlet is located 120 kilometers north of Ulaanbaatar on a railway line connecting Mongolia to Russia. Locals in this rural town make a living by collecting nuts, gold, and wood preparations. Our  NGO is focused on organizing foreign and local volunteers to conduct voluntary work for a town, organizing study-based seminars based on existing local businesses and locations, and encouraging locals to manufacture handicrafts and sell them for extra revenue.

student program

Student Program

We wish to offer workshops and special educational programs for schoolchildren, students, and young people. Our workshops, events, and activities will help you acclimatize to living in a different country, make friends with other international groups, gain new experiences, and share your knowledge and experience with the locals.


Play Video about Tunkhel village
Because Mongolia is big and sparsely populated, you’ll need to hire a private car and guide to visit the country. We’re on a branch of the trans-Mongolian railway in Tunchel Village, Selenge province. It is a beautiful part of Mongolia that is less well-known among locals and tourists. Our hostel is a 5-minute walk from the train station in Tunchel town, a 3-hour train ride or a 110-kilometer drive from Ulaanbaatar. From our hostel, we organize kayaking, biking, and hiking tours for groups and individuals along the Kharaa river and neighboring mountains to Zuunkharaa and Baruunkharaa.
These trips have a tour schedule that meets a train time table, so travelers can join or take a historical railway tour along the trans Mongolian railway and for a return. We also organize a wilderness hiking in part of the Siberian forest in the area of Selenge with a Russian truck as a support vehicle.

mongolian properties

properties ulaanbaatar
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Urban life began only in the 1960s in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia‘s capital, when Russians began to construct Soviet-style buildings and city designs for a nomadic people. With contemporary structures and properties, the city has transformed dramatically since the 1990s. It is the world’s coldest capital city, with approximately 40% of the population still living in a yurt district burning coals in -30 Celsius winters. As a result, property deals and terms for expats and foreigners can be highly varied and confusing. We provide property and real estate legal services in Ulaanbaatar to foreigners and expats in order to meet their demands and achieve the best possible results.