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Mongolia is a country of endless space with its rugged mountains, steppes, canyons, deserts , forests and lends itself perfectly for all outdoor activities.


Mongolian Dot Travel invites you to discover the natural and cultural wonders of Mongolia, one of the last remaining seldom-explored countries. Largely inaccessible to the Western world until only recently, Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient nomadic culture that has changed little over the centuries.
The traveller will discover this untouched country by exploring the rare combination of ancient traditions of Buddhism, nomadic horse-based culture and natural beauties such as the high mountains, the grasslands and the desert region.

Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur

Experience Mongolian ultimate wilderness staying in most luxurious accommodation with local flights to reach the Gobi Desert, Mongolian Blue Pearl Lake in far northern mountains, history and culture packed Central Mongolian grassland.  Our carefully selected itineraries and top luxury accommodations offer to discover exclusive experience of nature and century old nomadic life in most comfortable travelling way.

We create top luxurious comfort throughout your whole trip yet we invite you to realise your dream to reality in a remote challenging location on an epic road with unique cultural events and blending modern with the past in a whole new way.

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A festival is the ultimate way to experience a country. The immersion into the culture, celebrations and community can be a life-changing experience that few outsiders may encounter. Usually crammed into a few short days, these festivals can be a fleeting yet unforgettable experience.

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Rent a 4X4 car and go for self-driving exploration throughout the country. If you don’t want to travel through the crowds, this could be the best way to get a detailed view of Mongolia. It is an ideal environment for couples, relatives, and families with small children seeking privacy and intimacy. We will assist you in organizing your tour based on your interests, with the option of changing routes and sightseeing locations. We’ll recommend the most well-known attractions, fun routes, and excursions, and the rest is up to you.

Bereeven Monastery

Situated in high latitudes and high elevations, Mongolia is far from the moderating influences of the ocean. Consequently, it experiences a pronounced continental climate with very cold winters. Heavy snow occurs mainly in the mountain regions but fierce blizzards sweep across plains and steppes. Temperature can fall as low as -40 °C in January in capital, making it the coldest capital of the world. Elsewhere in mountains it can drop even as low as -50 ° C. However, Mongolia is accessible to everywhere during winter, free from tourist crowds. With right clothing and good preparation, it may turn to your dream trip. So don’t let yourself put off by cold, head into the wilderness on jeep tour, on a dog slide ride, on horses or camels, stay in toasty warm Gers, eat meat based traditional meals, have some vodka to confront cold and discover unique festivals held during winter. Spectacular winter wonders await you during low season.

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Mongolia is famous for its countless rivers and lakes making it the perfect destination for canoeing adventures. Sit back in your boat for a relaxing vacation exploring Mongolia’s vast wilderness while paddling on tranquil rivers. Adventure seekers will also not be disappointed as exciting white water journeys on the wildest West Mongolian rivers await.

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Mongolia is a biker’s dream. To begin with, only 10% of the country is paved. To add, it is one of the least heavily populated countries on the planet. To spice the story, the land is for everyone to share, which means you can ride and camp pretty much anywhere you want.

The majority of our route is made up of rolling and  grassy terrain with the exception of covering occasionally some reasonably difficult passes. 

A vast expanse of wilderness, sparsely populated country with ancient nomadic people who find solitude here on the edge of civilization. Endless wildlife – snow leopards, brown bear, Gobi bear, Saiga antelopes, black tailed gazelles, vultures, golden eagles, falcon, snow peacock, salmon, taimen, Siberian ibex, moose, Przewalski’s horse, wild ass, wolves and more – that still reign supreme in the mountains, rivers, lakes, desert and endless steppes. Mighty glaciers that reveal themselves in the highest peaks and flow to the valley floors. A landscape that is little changed from the unexplored world of a century ago. To walk and hike amongst its wonders is one of the great experiences of our time.

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Mongolian horses are native to the steppes of Central Asia. Over many centuries, their position in Mongolian nomads’ daily lives has remained largely unchanged. Mongolia’s horse population outnumbers the human population. Horses live outside all year, in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees Celsius in the summer to -40 degrees Celsius in the winter, and they graze and hunt for food on their own. Horses are used for both riding and transport. They are used by nomads for both everyday work and horse racing. Airag, a common national beverage, is made from mare’s milk. Mongolians have a high regard for their horses, and they are given a higher status. Horses were crucial to the Mongolian Empire’s conquests in the 13th century.
“A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings,” as the saying goes.

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Mongolian camels known as Bactrian camels are native to the steppes of Central Asia. They were domesticated thousands of years ago to carry goods and people across Asia. Mongolian camels are exceptionally adept at withstanding wide variations in temperature ranging from +40 degree summers to -40 degree winters and when nourished they can go without eating and drinking for weeks. They have a remarkable ability to go without water for months at a time but when water is available they may drink up to 60 liters at once. Their humps act as fat reserves for energy. At the end of summer their humps are plump and erect but as resources decline, they shrink and lean to sides. Adapted for desert conditions, the camels can carry 200 kg on long journeys. The Bactrian camels permit nomads to transport heavy loads through desert and other inhospitable terrain.

You might have many questions regarding fishing in Mongolia. We are here and we can assure you that Mongolia is indeed the ultimate in exotic fly fishing adventures. Yes Mongolia is an excellent fly fishing destination. You, the experienced fisher, will have to come once in your life to Mongolia and fish in Mongolian rivers. Just picture a scene of open plains with rolling hills and free flowing rivers, so large that stretches out over three drainage systems, one draining to the Arctic Ocean (north), one draining to the Pacific Ocean (east) and one draining to the enclosed Central Asian basin (south). Mongolia has over 3,500 rivers and more than 35 lakes – all totally unspoiled,  unpolluted and populated by a wide variety of fish such as the fresh water Taimen, Lenok, Crayling, Pike, Sturgeon etc…

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Mongolia is a vast country blessed with unusually diverse landscapes. The Gobi Desert, the steppes spotted with lakes, the valley of the Lakes, the Khangai and Altai mountain peaks, the forest of Taiga and Siberia having rich flora and fauna provide perfect habitat to some of the rare species of birds. Mongolia is one of the world’s great birding destinations. Camping in the yurts of the nomadic Mongols, you can observe rare species of birds.  

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See wild flowers with our expert botanical guides. We organize group and  tailor made flower tours. Our tours are designed for those who love nature, admire flowers, serene landscapes and other flora of the region. Our botanist guides are extremely knowledgeable in our region and their passion for plants and the environment will make your stay a life time memory. 

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Deer stones carved with flying deer are ancient megaliths largely found in Mongolia, erected by Bronze age nomads. We invite you explore deer stones, numerous rock carvings, funerary and ritual monuments of Central Asian earliest humans and tribes. Among them UNESCO’s World Heritage Site: the Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai. 

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Many contemporary spiritual healing ideas and notions are being discovered deep inside Mongolian nomads’ culture. Mongolia is a rare territory of Mother Earth and Father of Eternal Blue Sky, not only a place to ride a horse or sleep in a yurt. We would be delighted to accompany you into spiritually significant locations of Mongolia to practice and experience soul healing under the Eternal Blue Sky.

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On the itinerary: towering mountains, dense forests, stunning glaciers, alpine lakes and rivers, the mysterious Gobi Desert, endless steppes, animal-packed fertile grasslands, vibrant colorful Naadam festival,  eagle hunting, ice and thousand camel festivals. Most importantly, little changed centuries-old of nomadic people lifestyle, diverse culture, and reindeer herding Tsaatan people. Mongolia’s iconic diverse landscapes, rich wildlife, wilderness, and people have all contributed to Mongolia’s status as one of the world’s best wildlife photography destinations.

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An international train to Mongolia is a Trans-Siberian railway that starts from Moscow, passes through Mongolia and ends in Beijing. It also runs in reverse direction. It is the longest and most famous railway journey in the world. It will take you about 5 days to cover 7,500 km train journey.