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Our partners

We believe great impact cannot be made alone. We proudly work with a number of different like-minded partners located throughout the world.

Mevo Reizen is a Dutch firm based in Deventer that organizes journeys on the Trans-Mongolian Express, Trans-Siberian Express, and the Silk Route.

Mevo also offers Silk Route overland tours. Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, the highlands of Kirghizia, and, of course, Mongolia are all part of the original trade route. These are aimed towards a wide range of people, including people in their 50s and “luxury backpackers.” They all share the trait of being experienced travelers and adventurers. Since 2016, we’ve collaborated with Mevo Reizen.

10Adventures is a Canada based agency and a team of adventure enthusiasts who have travelled almost everywhere on earth.

10Adventures was founded in 2016 to make it easier for people to plan their next 10 Adventures and to help and enable others to live a more adventurous life.

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blini reizen

Blini Reizen is a family-run Dutch firm based in Utrecht, which offers trips primarily throughout the former Soviet Union.
As they got more experience, they added many additional locations and countries, including Mongolia. As a result, Blini Reizen first concentrated on countries that had previously been part of the Soviet Union. Mongolia, China, India, and Iran were included afterwards. They mostly provide one-on-one and custom tours. You can customize your trip based on your preferences and the services they provide.
Over the years, they have traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe as big adventure seekers. Since 2016, we have served as their local partner in Mongolia.

Sovjet Reizen is a Dutch firm situated in Kruiningen. They mostly focus on former Soviet Union countries, but they also offer places such as Mongolia, China, North and South Korea, Iran, Scandinavia, Argentina, and others.

The Sovjet Reizen team goes to great lengths to ensure that passengers have the time of their lives. They have a lot of expertise organizing trips for businesses and organizations where everything is meticulously taken care of. Since 2015, we have been working with Sovjet Reizen as their local partner in Mongolia.

Eight Lakes
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saffraan reizen

Saffraan Reizen is a Dutch firm headquartered in Mook. The agency is run by two female travel experts who also enjoy traveling. They’ve been planning and directing tours for almost 30 years.

Their passion lies in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia’s culture, atmosphere, and friendly people. They make it a point to visit each destination before making an offer, and they keep their knowledge of the country up to date. They believe that traveling is about more than just having fun; it is also about experiencing, learning, discovering, and sharing. We’ve been collaborating with them since 2017.

Uran Togoo
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mango travel

Mango Travel was started by two incredible adventurers in Zuidwolde, the Netherlands. They came up with the idea for Mango Travel during one of their many far-flung excursions in remote parts of Asia, South America, and Africa.

Mango Travel provides independent travelers with a personalized travel experience to far-flung destinations. They provide custom tours, arranging everything from overnight stays to transportation and excursions, up to and including a fully planned trip. All of this is done with a great degree of flexibility and tailor-madness, with a strong focus on interaction with the local populace. We’ve been collaborating with them since 2019.

Erdene Zuu
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Koningaap offers group tours to every corner of the world. Mostly focused on the Dutch speaking market they have offices in Belgium and in the Netherlands. 

Migola Travel is a Vietnamese travel operator situated in Ho Chi Min. Migola Travel is an international travel business specializing in one-of-a-kind tours spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and even the Arctic.

Migola travel delivers its tourists to unique locations with a lot of personal experience, with top-notch service, international-standard hotels, and safe airline routes. Since 2005, they have been providing sightseeing tours and packages to people from different continents and countries. Team members are fluent in English, French, and Chinese, and operate as inbound and outbound travel agents. They also welcome visitors to their magnificent and charming country. We have been working with Migola travel since 2015.

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fly and bike

Experts in Belgian cycling are based in Ghent, Belgium. The company, which was started by a single individual in 2005, has developed into a thriving travel agency that offers bicycle vacations to far-flung and exotic locations.

FLY and BIKE offers three different kinds of cycling vacations: Dutch-language group tours, international group tours, and privately led tours. Respect for the local inhabitants and the environment are crucial factors for them, in addition to providing cyclists with a wonderful vacation. Their tours are open to everyone who enjoys cycling.

Fly and Bike purposefully makes daily distances small, and support vehicles stop every 10-15 kilometers, depending on the travelers’ requests, to serve them with beverages and snacks. They are delighted to accompany their clients on this journey, and all they ask is for some flexibility and a sense of humor. Since 2016, we have been collaborating with Fly and Bike.

fly and bike
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il tropico del camper

A travel agency based in Bologna, Italy, specializing in camping, 4×4, motorcycles, quads, and trekking trips.
The Tropico del Camper offers all campers a diverse range of fascinating camper trips, suitable for both experienced and novice travelers, through unusual itineraries, with unusual excursions wrapped in unpredictable and seductive scenarios, allowing campers to experience firsthand exclusive and irreplaceable experiences. We’ve been collaborating since 2016.

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Ténéré Viaggi

Ténéré Viaggi is an Italian travel agency based in Vigona To. They plan customized tailor-made journeys to far-flung destinations outside of traditional itineraries.

Ténéré Viaggi specializes in 4×4 trips, motorcycle tours, and bicycle tours, as well as trekking routes. They place a premium on the quality of service in an Italian-style setting. Their goal is for their passengers to visit unique, fascinating, far-flung, and unexplored destinations.

With over 36 years of experience in the business, Logos Tour Travel Agency is based in Warsaw, Poland.

They plan visits to all seven continents, paying attention to even the tiniest details. We’ve been collaborating with them since 2015.

megatest tour

megatest tour

A Russian travel business situated in Moscow. They provide Russian tourists with trips within Russia as well as tours in other countries.
They provide an exciting and appealing variety of outdoor activities. We’ve been collaborating since 2019.

neojidan mingolya

A South Korean trekking specialized agency situated in Seoul. They provide exciting trekking and hiking routes around the world to stunning mountains and nature reserves.

Khurgan Nuur

Based in Mumbai, India, an Indian tour operator, it’s all about discovering places and yourself at your own pace while driving a 4X4 yourself on the Nomadic Road.
They are the first to organize automotive adventures to the furthest reaches of our planet. Their missions take place in the most unexpected locations and under the most unique conditions. They conduct self-driving trips in Mongolia’s Gobi, Russia’s icy Lake Baikal, Iceland’s spectacular winter, East Asia’s dense jungles, high mountains, oldest rain forests, and most arid deserts. They undoubtedly select the most difficult and secluded paths. We’ve been collaborating with them since 2017.

Offtrack is based in Antwerp, Belgium, and was formed by a dedicated trekker who has spent the last 20 years traveling the globe.

The company’s main activity is trekking, which ranges from short hikes to difficult climbs. They mostly organize guided group travel to outstanding sites in a laid-back setting. They provide preference to small groups, ensuring flexibility and engagement with the locals. Offtrack mostly organizes small-group trekking trips to Oceania, Latin America, Central Asia, the South Pacific, and Mongolia and Japan.

They don’t stop there; on request, they can take you on demanding tailor-made hiking expeditions anywhere in the world. We’ve been collaborating with them since 2014.

Tour Operator, Mountain guiding, Trek kings in Bulgaria and all around the world. Agency consists of professional mountain guides who love and respect the Mountains. They offer challenging mountain destinations all over the world.

G Adventures is based with headquarter in Toronto Canada, the world’s largest small group, sustainable travel company with 28 offices worldwide operating across seven continents. G Adventures has over 700 itineraries in over 100 countries and travels 700,000 people from 160 countries each year. We have been working with G Adventures since 2007 as their local partner.

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jungle travel

Belgrade, Serbia-based tour operator. They provide unique travel experiences around the world, including exotic destinations, low-cost arrangements, party vacations, European cities, concerts, and backpacking trips. Since 2016, we’ve been collaborating with them.

Shoestring is a young, dynamic travel organization packed with knowledge of all corners of the world. They visit our travel destinations every year to keep their knowledge up to date. In addition, most people love traveling so much that they visit distant vacation destinations.

Vietnam Vacation Tour Packages Viet Vision Travel copy

viet vision travel

Viet Vision Travel is one the leading tour operators in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They offer Indochina tour packages and recently added Mongolia to their destination. 

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global group travel service

Global Group Travel Service is a single-source solution company founded in Australia with origins dating back to the year 2000. Their global network allows the travelers to provide touring and package deal options to most countries. 

At Tamada Tour, since 2011, they have been organizing the best small tours to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Central and Southeast Asian countries Mongolia, the Balkans, the Middle East, and other wonderful places on all continents.
At Ravbar Potovanja has been operating since 2003. Organizing trips is their passion and offer adventure tours to all over the world. 

123 Travel is an independent travel agency owned and operated by Cheryl Ryan on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She has traveled extensively over many years and has visited some 50+ countries.

123 Travel offers a complete package for business and personal leisure travel needs.

Bunkhouse organizes adventurous and original group trips worldwide for young people between 20 and 39 years old. They explore the most beautiful places on our planet in small groups, both within Europe and in the furthest corners of the world.
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