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only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go

Expedition Asia on Discovery Channel and Extreme Treks on BBC Earth and Tough Ride on Travel Channel

Ryan Pyle is an author, adventurer, ambassador, lecturer, award-winning photographer, television presenter, and filmmaker. Ryan and his crew traveled to Mongolia in June 2019 to film documentaries for the Discovery Channel. The goal was to reach 4, 356 meters above sea level on Mongolia’s highest peak, Khuiten Peak in Western Mongolia, which he achieved with our team.
He was born and raised in Canada, and after completing his undergraduate education, he fulfilled a longstanding ambition by traveling to China on exploratory missions. Later, he relocated to China permanently and began contributing to the New York Times on a regular basis. Ryan was named one of the top 30 emerging photographers in the world by PDN Magazine in 2009. Ryan began working full-time in television and documentary film production in 2010, and has since produced and presented several significant multi-episode television series for major broadcasters in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Asia, China, and continental Europe.
Since then, he’s been travelling into the unknown, shooting stunning photographs, interacting with people, and scaling the world’s tallest peaks.
Because of his dedication and hard work, world residents are able to appreciate and appreciate our beautiful planet.

Canadian long-distance runner

RRaymond Zahab is a public speaker and long-distance runner from Canada. He has participated in long-distance running expeditions in a variety of nations, including the South Pole, Siberia, Chile’s Atacama Desert, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, and others. He and two runners crossed the Sahara together. Matt Damon narrates and produces “Running the Sahara,” a documentary film directed by Oscar winner James Moll that follows three guys as they run across the Sahara desert in 111 days and over 7,000 kilometers of difficult terrain. Ray is also the founder of Impossible2Possible, an organization that uses adventure learning and excursions to inspire and educate youngsters. 

Ray Zahab ran 2,000 kilometers across the Gobi desert in 35 days in the summer of 2013. On average, I run 70 kilometers every day. He was accompanied by a film crew and photographer who not only documented the expedition but also created a film that shared stories about Mongolian people and culture. We were in charge of the arrangements for his Mongolian excursion, as Ray completed his run. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of this mission.


sud raids adventure

Sud Raids Adventure

The Sud Raids Aventures “SRA” is a non-profit organization based in Mazan, South France. Its primary objective is to provide logistical support for sporting events, competitions, and expeditions. They also assist in humanitarian efforts by transporting supplies. Their vehicle fleet includes vans, 4X4s, and trailers. 

Every year, they organize 4X4, motocross, and quadcopter motoring trips all over the world. They’ve visited Morocco, Tunisia, the Balkans, Romania, Spain, and a number of other places. 

They arrived in Mongolia in August 2016 to cross the Gobi Desert. All logistical assistance was given by us, including our own fleet of Land Cruisers driven by them.

The expedition was a huge success, and they generously invited us to join them on their next adventure, “Morocco 2017,”.We have observed enormous motoring expediting in Morocco over the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert due to their generosity and friendliness.  

overland logo

overland travel

Overland Travel

A Dutch travel firm located in the Netherlands that specializes in self-driving short and long-distance trips all over the world. Their tours include shorter and longer journeys of varying degrees of difficulty. Each with the purpose of extreme experience and everlasting experience. With their own 4X4 vehicles, they visit the most evocative places on every continent. Their journeys represent the most complete pleasure of nature, cultures, and independence.

Guinness Book of Records award for travelling the longest distance in a kite powered buggy

The 61-YEAR-OLD adventurer set a world record in 2004 when he kite-crossed one of the world’s harshest regions. Brian Cunningham, a visiting professor at Manchester University and a native of Heaton in Bolton, has undertaken the first kite-powered crossing of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

In September 2004, the kite-powered journey across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert covered 1,000 kilometers (600 miles).

Two Irish explorers, Jamie Young and Brian Cunningham, planned an excursion across Antarctica using ski-buggies propelled by kites in 2002. In ten days, they planned to sail 600 miles across the continent. Their specially-designed buggies were supposed to be carried by kites blowing in the wind, reaching speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. They had to abandon their attempt to set a new record because the wind was not strong enough.


sarah & eric mcnair-landry

Sarah McNair-Landry, 18, became the youngest person to ski to the South Pole

Sarah McNair-Landry became the youngest person to ski to the South Pole during an unsupported expedition with her elder brother, Eric, in 2004-2005. She was 18 years old at the time. 

The Nunavut-born siblings haven’t stopped shattering records since then on their numerous adventures. Sarah made history by becoming the youngest person to reach both poles when she dogsled to the North Pole in 2006. 

In 2011, the two kite-skied 3,300 kilometers through the Northwest Passage, following the route taken by Roald Amundsen in 1903-1906; Eric set the world record for the longest distance kite-skied in 24 hours during this journey. They’ve also kite-skied across Greenland’s ice cap, dogsled across Ellesmere Island, and driven three-wheeled kite-buggies across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

2009 Pittarak, Gobi expedition. The Pittarak team (Eric McNair-Landry, Sarah McNair-Landry, and Curtis Jones) flew to Mongolia with the intention of kite buggying across the Gobi desert. The team began their journey in the desert at the base of the Altai Mountains. On the buggies, they transported their water and food. The team made the crossing after 35 days of kiting (and hauling when there was no wind).

Cloe 150x150 1

chloe burles

Chloe Burles

In May 2016, aged 23, Cloe Burles completed a 1,600 km crossing of the Mongolian Gobi desert and reportedly became the youngest Briton to do so. She set off from Bulgan village in the west of Mongolia and arrived in Sainshand in the East in about 50 days.
Cloe Burles, then 23 years old, completed a 1,600-kilometer trek of Mongolia’s Gobi desert in May 2016, and becoming the youngest Briton to do so. In around 50 days, she traveled from Bulgan hamlet in western Mongolia to Sainshand in eastern Mongolia.Her purpose for her adventure was to raise money for WaterAid, an organization that helps to improve access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for millions of people every year. Cloe has worked with refugees in Africa and on the Greek island of Kos, and believes that everyone should be able to drink clean water. Chloe combined her love of adventure with her desire to raise money for charity to make a positive impact on the world and raise awareness and funds for charity.

She finished the walk with the help of our 4X4, driver, and guide.

Burles has scaled a number of peaks, including Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro and Russia’s Mount Elbrus.

chloe burles

Jon Golden

Jon Golden is a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience. His assignments have taken him to more than 40 nations and prompted him to travel over 32,000 kilometers by water. Jon has captured beautiful photographs of some of the world’s most isolated and severe locations, including Baffin Island (Canadian arctic), Mongolia’s Gobi and Argentina’s Patagonian deserts, Peru’s Amazon, and northwest Iceland. His photographs have appeared in numerous prominent periodicals in the United States and around the world. Much of his work has been on charitable groups’ efforts to create awareness of nature, the environment, and people. 

Jon Golden joined us on our journey across the Gobi Desert with the team of Ray Zahab, a long-distance runner who was documenting his journey.