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Mongolian dot Travel is a B2B company that is a member of the Mongolian Tourism Association and one of Mongolia’s most reputable and professional Destination Management Companies. We vow to give all benefits from our professionals’ expertise for each destination and activity to our partners, based on our over 20 years of experience in Mongolia’s tourist sector. We customize our services to each of our partners’ unique profile and travel philosophy. We are a group of highly qualified, dedicated, and professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of local regions, allowing us to provide continuous support to our partner organizations and design customized tours that combine breathtaking landscapes, fascinating cultural experiences, and thrilling adventures.

Welcome to DMC Mongolia’s Agent Hub, a sales platform that allows you to customize our programs to fit your image and concept. Our whole production, including tours, excursions, expeditions, projects, and detailed information about each of our destinations, was designed with our partners in mind, and we will work with you to provide complete information.

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our managers

Our people are the driving force behind our success, and we strive to recognize and encourage them throughout their careers. Our managers are a group of smart, motivated, fun, and laid-back individuals. We assist people in de-stressing and discovering their true self. We strive to inspire your clientele by keeping a strong focus on our global business partners. Our friendly team of European and Mongolian professionals is available to help you 24/7.


Consultant @ Mongolian.Travel
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After completing a master’s degree in engineering, Bernard landed in Mongolia in 1995. Since than he has been working as a consultant on several projects.



Product Manager @ Mongolian.Travel
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She was born in West Mongolia and raised in the north of the country.  Otgon is enthralled by her country’s illustrious history and culture. She has spent a significant amount of time in Europe acquiring languages. She oversees the company’s international marketing and is fluent in English, French, German, and Russian.

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Accounting Manager
Odnoo 01

Odnoo is a vibrant young woman from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. She began working as an accountant shortly after graduating from university in 2010. She has successfully worked in the tourist, trade, and real estate sectors.



Operation Manager

Tsatsral is a Mongolian from Ulaanbaatar. She spent a few years, after graduating from university in the United States, honing her language skills. She is in charge of the company’s travel operations, which include reservations, ticketing, booking, travel coordination, and customer service.

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Logistical Manager
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The man on the field. He manages, organizes, and monitors storage, equipment, and vehicles, as well as ensures their upkeep.

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New Project Developer
Daka 400x400 1

Daka was born and raised in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. She has worked in Mongolia for many years in tourism, real estate, export, consulting, and support for foreign firms, as well as studying Mongolian cultural studies at Mongolian National University.

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IT Manager
badraa 400x400 1

Badraa is a Mongolian from the western part of the country. He has more than ten years of expertise designing apps and collaborating with clients. He works with clients to establish strategies that benefit them while remaining within their budget. Badraa works on marketing techniques once the website is launched to guarantee that it is not only attractive and functional, but also draws the correct audience.
He is an adventurer in his spare time. He enjoys canoeing and has guided expeditions on all of Mongolia’s navigable rivers and lakes.



We offer your travels a true thoughtful sense, helping to build once-in-a-lifetime memories and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide high-quality goods and services that are specifically tailored to each of our travelers’ needs.

Our itineraries focused on off-the-beaten-path adventures that included a mix of contact with locals, wild nature encounters, and unique nomad culture. We take pride in offering only the finest support to our customers, always putting their needs first.

Our motto: Live life with no excuses, and travel with no regrets. Hakuna matata!

Responsible Travel

As the rest of the world got more globalized, Mongolia stayed remarkably unchanged.  With an increasing number of sites, tour operators, and activities in operation, we devote significant resources to safeguarding the environment, local communities, animals, and the human population. We address the human, animal, environmental, and cultural welfare that may be harmed as a result of mass tourism.

Sustainable Travel

Many people’s lives have been improved as a result of tourism. We’ve always been a modest, independent business that serves the local community. Our business strategy already helps local economies, people, and nomads, and we’re glad to say that we’ve been doing so for over two decades. By using locally owned housing, employing local people, dining and drinking in local taverns, cafés, and restaurants, and obtaining food from locally owned stores, we ensure that local economies, people, and nomads benefit from our company. By doing so, we not only assist local businesses, but we also connect our visitors with Mongolians and provide a direct, honest look into their lives.

Woman Empowerment

During our two decades of tourism experience, we realized that women are perhaps the most important members of Mongolian society. They invest more in their children, food, housing, and education, resulting in long-term social and economic gains for entire communities. Women devote the majority of their earnings to their families, ensuring that their children are well-fed, clothed, housed, and educated. They are also dependable, punctual, and hard workers. We make certain that the women in the family are fairly compensated.

Local Communities

We have always sought to establish relationships with local communities that benefit the people and places where our travelers visit. We make certain that our visitors visit nomad settlements, local schools, and kindergartens, and we provide a variety of activities for anyone who is undervalued. We encourage all of our visitors to respect the rights, culture, history, and well-being of all diverse communities.

our partners

We believe that making a significant impact cannot be accomplished on one's own. We are proud to collaborate with a variety of like-minded partners located all over the world.

Migola Travel

Migola Travel is based in Vietnam and organizes one-of-a-kind tours all over the world.

Fly and Bike

Fly and Bike is based in Belgium offering cycling holidays to exotic locations.

il tropico del camper

il tropico 1
Il Tropico Del Camper is an Italian company that organizes trips in campers, 4x4s, quads, and trekking.

mango travel

Mango Travel is a Dutch company that organizes travels around Asia, South America, and Africa.

off track

offtrack 1
For the past 20 years, Offtrack based in Belgium has been organizing excursions around the world.

alpine tours

Alpine Tour is a trekking specialized agency based in South Korea.


logo Shoestring copy 1
Shoestring is a tour operator based in Netherlands.

viet vision travel

Vietnam Vacation Tour Packages Viet Vision Travel copy
Viet Vision Travel is a tour operator based in Hanoi Vietnam.

global group travel services

global copy
Globus Group Travel Services is a tour agency based in Australia.

10 Adventures

10Adventures is a Canada based agency and a team of adventure enthusiasts who have travelled almost everywhere on earth.

world experts

Sovjet Reizen is a Dutch company that focuses on Asian and other destinations.

G adventures

g adventure
G Adventures is based in Canada organizing the world’s largest
small group tours worldwide.

saffraan reizen

www.saffraanreizen 2
 Saffraan Reizen is from  Netherlands and experienced in  guiding trips.

megatest tour

megatest tour
Mega Test is a Russian tour agency offering tours in Russia as well as other foreign destinations.

Ténéré Viaggi

Ténéré Viaggi is an Italian tour company that specializes in custom-made trips.


Alex Trek is a Bulgarian tour company that organizes treks all over the world.

Tamada Tour

Tamada Tour a Polish tour operator that organizes tours all over the world.

blini reizen

Blini Reizen is a Dutch firm that specializes in organizing trips mostly in the former Soviet Union.

Nomadic Road

nomadic road
Nomadic Road is an Indian tour operator that allows you to explore countries at your own speed while driving a 4X4 vehicle.

logos tour

logos 1
Logos Tour is based in Poland with over 36 years of experience in the tourism field.

mevo reizen

Mevo Reizen is Dutch company organizing trips with the Trans-Siberian Express.

jungle travel

jungle 1
Jungle Travel is a tour operator located in Belgrade Serbia.

Koning Aap Reizen

koningaap logo 004
Koningaap offers group tours to every corner of the world...


Ravbar potovanja logo copy
Ravbar is a Slovenian agency offers group tours to every corner of the world...


123 TRAVEL is a Australian tour operator.


bunk light copy
Bunkhouse is a tour operator based in Belgium.

Our Expeditons

Without a doubt, our expedition team is the most experienced in the industry. We help you organize logistics services by offering a complete package that covers all of your requirements. We can help you plan your trip by advising you on routes, prices, equipment, and food, as well as taking care of the administrative details. We'll assist you in tailoring your plans to your budget, timeframe, and capabilities. We've collaborated with television and film crews, physically challenged explorers, 4X4 self-driving expedition crews, professional photographers, non-profit fundraisers, nature awareness projects, educational school trips, scientists, individuals, and families.

brian cunningham

Guinness Book of Records award for travelling the longest distance in a kite powered buggy:  1,000 kilometers (600 miles) across the



ryan pyle

Expedition Asia on Discovery Channel and  Extreme Treks on BBC Earth and Tough Ride on Travel Channel. Ryan Pyle is adventurer



Raymond Zahab is a Canadian long-distance runner and public speaker. He has run in long-distance running adventures in several countries, including …

Ray logo

Chloe Burles

In May 2016, aged 23, Cloe Burles completed a 1,600 km crossing of the Mongolian Gobi desert and reportedly became the youngest…

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sud raids adventure

The Sud Raids Aventures “SRA” is an Association with its head office in Mazan, South France. Its main goal is above all logistical assistance…


sarah & eric mcnair-landry

During an unsupported expedition with her older brother, Eric, in 2004-2005, Sarah McNair-Landry became the youngest person to ski to the …

overland travel

Dutch travel agency based in Netherlands specialised in organising self-driving short and long distance expeditions across the world.  Their tours consist of shorter and longe…


Jon Golden

Jon Golden is a professional photographer and has been active in the field for 25 years. His missions have taken him to over 40 countries and required him to sail more than 32,000 km …

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Mongolia in brief

Mongolia is a high steppe and desert country located between China and Russia. Our region is completely landlocked. The plateau is usually between 900 and 1,500 meters in elevation.
Because the plateau is high, landlocked, and northerly, it has a dry and chilly climate. The average annual rainfall is less than 38 cm. As a result, successful agriculture can only be carried out with irrigation in areas where reliable water supplies are available. Wheat and oats are the most common crops in these irrigated areas. The Gobi Desert experiences temperature extremes as well, with summer daytime temperatures around 40°C and nighttime temps near 10°. Temperatures in the winter can drop to minus 50°C.
Mongolia is mostly grassland due to the harsh climate. Forests cover around 10% of the land area and are mostly made up of larch trees. These woods are predominantly found in the country’s northern regions.
People have had to adapt to a pastoral, nomadic existence throughout history. Our livelihood and goods were centered on animal products such as wool, hides, meat, fabric, and leather.  As nomads, we needed personal items that were both highly portable and, necessary functional. Because the area has been barren of trees for generations, manufacturing has been difficult, and the existing fuel, dried animal dung, is scarcely suitable for heavy industry.
Mongolia appears to have been occupied by humans as long back as 200,000 BC. Mongolia’s prehistory will undoubtedly be filled in as time and archeological work develop, but for the time being it must rely on data from other countries. It largely described the warrior races against whom China’s Great Walls were constructed and deadly wars waged. The majority of the raids were looting raids by several tribes who were at odds with one another. All that was required for serious social upheaval was a visionary leader with the strength of arms to carry it out. Temujin was subsequently known as Genghis Khan. He witnessed his father being slaughtered by a rival tribal group while he was a child. He began a protracted campaign of vengeance after escaping. Temujin was allegedly betrayed or abandoned by associates from time to time, so he made it a policy to only trust those who had proven their commitment to him. Men were given the opportunity to ascend through the ranks and attain positions of power and influence in exchange for their loyalty. In 1206, Temujin was proclaimed Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan initiated operations to expand his domain after uniting the Mongolian tribes. The Mongols established an empire that included Central Asia, northern Europe, northern India, and border regions such as northern Vietnam and Korea. Until approximately 1370, when they were forced out of Beijing, his sons, grandsons, and heirs to his skills as an administrator and military tactician ruled over all of his territory.

After the fall of the Mongol Empire, Mongolia no longer had a significant part in world politics, although individual tribes tormented Chinese society until the early twentieth century. Following the Russian Revolution, a section of Mongolia known as the Mongolian People’s Republic seceded from China and formed an alliance with Russia. Mongolia followed Russian-style communism for many decades.
In 1990, a group of influential young intellectuals called for a peaceful democratic revolution. Mongolia is now a multi-party democratic democracy with a market economy. Every four years, the President and Parliament are elected by popular vote.