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Zaisan Monument Hill

Tamir River
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A memorial to Soviet soldiers lost during World War II. The memorial, which is located on a hill south of the city, has circular memorial paintings depicting moments of brotherhood between Mongolians and Soviets.

The mural depicts moments such as the Soviet backing for Mongolia’s declaration of independence in 1921, the Soviet defeat of the Japanese Kwantung Army at Khalkhin Gol on the Mongolian border in 1939, Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, and peacetime achievements such as Soviet space flights.

Visitors must climb 300 steps from the uppermost parking area on the slope to reach the monument and mural. Climbers are rewarded with a panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar’s whole city in the valley below, as well as the Tuul River flowing through the city.

A tank memorial that had previously been erected at a crossroads between Zaisan and the city center was relocated to the foot of the hill in 2003. It includes a Soviet tank from a brigade that was funded entirely by Mongolians. A chart of the brigade’s route from Moscow in 1943 to its participation in the fall of Berlin in 1945 is included on the tank memorial.

Zaisan is a favorite gathering spot for school field trips and graduation celebrations.