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altan ovoo

Altan Ovoo
East Mongolia

east mongolia

There are around 220 extinct volcanoes in the Dariganga area of far eastern Mongolia. The majority of the southern half of the region, which forms the northern margin of the Eastern Gobi, is a large plain with occasional oases. Low, badly eroded ranges occasionally break up the level landscape.

Altan Ovoo (Golden Ovoo), a huge former crater crowned with a new stupa that only men are allowed to visit, dominates Dariganga’s skyline. The ancient Bat Tsagaan stupa, which was built in 1820 and destroyed in 1937, was demolished in 1937, and the stupa was built on top of its ruins in 1990. There are dozens of shattered balbal in the area of Altan Ovoo, the origins of which are unknown. According to local custom, an offering of food should be placed in the cup held by the statue’s left hand. In the north edge of town, near some hay sheds, there are also three balbals known as the king, queen, and prince.

Silversmiths and blacksmiths are also well-known in Dariganga.