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Khustain Nuruu National Park

Tamir River
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Near Ulaanbaatar

The National Park is located 90 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar in Altanbulag Sum, Tuv Province. The elevation of the Mountain Range is 1.842 meters above sea level. The 900-square-kilometer Natural Reserve has been under state protection since 1993 in order to maintain biodiversity and assist the return of Mongolia’s wild horse Takhi.

Przewalski’s Horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) are a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse native to Central Asia’s steppes. In the course of the twentieth century, the Takhi became extinct. They were only found in zoos back then. Their numbers grew as a result of special breeding programs. It has been returned to its original habitat in Mongolia’s Khustain Nuruu National Park, Takhiin Tal Nature Reserve, and Khomiin Tal, where it was once extinct in the wild. strongly>/strongly>Khustai or Khustain Nuruu National Park. In 1993, about 50,000 hectares of the Khustain Nuruu area were designated as a reserve (category III), but following extensive scientific field investigation, the area was upgraded to a national park in 1998. About 100 kilometers southwest of Ulaanbaatar is Khustai Nuruu National Park. It now safeguards Mongolia’s Takhi wild horses. In Khustai, there are approximately 350 Takhi horses.

There are 459 vascular plant species, 85 lichen species, 90 moss species, and 33 mushroom species in the park. Red deer, Mongolian gazelle, Roe deer, Wild boar, Wild sheep, Ibex, Mongolian marmots, Grey wolves, Lynx, Pallas’ cat, Red fox, Corsac fox, and Eurasian badger are among the 44 mammals documented. The Golden eagle, Lammergeier, Great bustard, Whooper swan, Black stork, Daurian partridge, and Little Owl are among the 217 bird species. There are 16 fish species, 2 amphibian species, and 385 insect species (including 21 species of ants, 55 species of butterflies, 10 species of bush crickets and 29 species of grasshoppers).