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The Birthplace of Genghis Khan

east mongolia

Dadal sum, of Khentii province set in an attractive wooded area 254 kilometres north-west of Undurkhaan, is the birthplace of legendary Genghis Khan. Dadal is beautiful area of lakes, rivers, forests and log huts-typical Buryat-style lodge. Border with Siberia is just about 20 km to the north.

There are a few things to see close to the Dadal sum center (sometimes called Bayan Ovoo). Khajuu Bulag is a small spring in the middle of the forest near the Bayan River, from which Genghis Khan is said to have drunk. A bit east of this spring is Deluun Boldog, which locals consider the birthplace of Temujin (childhood name of Genghis Khan). The hill is topped with a stone monument dedicated in 1990 to honour the 750th anniversary of writing “The Secret History of the Mongols, a 13th century chronicle of the empire. 

The scenery and hiking around the valleys and forests are just breath taking.

The Onon-Balj National Park extending north from Dadal village towards Russia offers best camping spots, fishing opportunities, and chances to spot wildlife. Dadal once housed one of the 33 great Lamaist temples of the country consecrated to Genghis Khan. The temple was razed to the ground in 1936-37. In June 1990, the monks returned and carried out the rituals dedicated to Mount Bayan-Ovoo – west of the museum – and to a second mountain, thought to be Burhan Khaldun.